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Dermatological or infectious diseases, eye diseases or irritations, autoimmune diseases, insulin-dependent diabetes, severe allergies, renal / hepatic and cardiac insufficiency, immunocompromised persons (AIDS, kidney transplants, chemotherapy and radiation therapy during periods of treatment), pregnancy and lactation , vitamin A acid treatment (wait 3 months), temporary filling of wrinkles implant (wait 2 months), minors.


If you fall into one of these categories, you MUST APPLY for the benefit to your GP. In the case of a minor, bring a word of agreement signed by the parents, with the photocopy of the two sides of the identity card (similar surnames), or must come with the person responsible.


1) Remember to have your eyebrows waxed 4-5 days before the performance if they are very well fournished to have a demarcated line.


2) Avoid UV exposure for 48 hours before delivery (protect your upper face with a cap / hat).


3) Do not take alcohol, drugs, or aspirin-based drugs to prevent bleeding.


4) Remember to remove your contact lenses.


5) Remember to bring sunglasses or a cap / hat to hide the excess ink that should ask about an hour after the end of the service. 


1) Moisturize your eyebrows morning and evening for a minimum of a week with a healing cream to apply with a cotton swab.


2) Do not scrape or tear off small crusts or dead skin, and most importantly, avoid contact with the fingers.


3) Avoid any exposure to UV, sauna, steam room, sea bath, pool, and scrub during the first week.


4) Avoid the eyebrow area when applying scrub or face cream for the first 5 days.


5) Remember to take a second appointment 3-4 weeks after the procedure for retouching (included in the price)

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