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At each session, for each client, the needles penetrating the skin barrier are sterile and are only used once.


There are several types of blades whose size varies according to the number of needles, and the shape according to the implantation of the needles on the blade. The traits produced give different effects depending on the blade chosen: Hair shape, thickness, desired effect (highly structured or natural).


At MICROBLADING CENTER, we have selected 3 combs which allow to realize the service of your choice :

Highly structured eyebrow, rather straight line

Structured eyebrow, softer line

Natural eyebrow, short and flexible line


At MICROBLADING CENTER, we use pigments of mineral origin with neutral pH that give a better long-term performance.


The main components are: iron oxide, isopropyl alcohol, glycerin, titanuim oxide (under European controlled standards).


To determine the color that suits you, we use colorimetry. The chosen pigment will depend on your skin color, your origins, your way of tanning, your age.


We have also selected pigments to adapt the service to any type of skin:

Almost Black - 16°

Sensation XL Brown - 18°

XL Brown - 16°

XL Blond - 16°

Smart Blond - 16°


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